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Veteran and military spouse owned and operated, at ADPI Capital™ we know what it's like to serve.

No longer will military service obligations and overseas deployments get in the way of your financial goals. With an ADPI Capital™ Fund, you can invest passively in a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate. 

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Invest now with only $500 to get access to commercial real estate deals nationwide





Invest along side your military community

Our platform provides investors unprecedented access to a growing portfolio of diversified real estate assets owned and operated by Active Duty Passive Income® community members and military real estate investors just like you.

Where education meets experience

At ADPI Capital™, we're not just educators. We're ACTION TAKERS. With over 40+ years of combined commercial real estate experience, you can rest easy knowing that our founders have what it takes to find, fund, and operate a variety of real estate assets - from mobile home parks to multifamily apartment complexes to self-storage facilities and everything in between.

Own your financial future today

Using our powerful investor portal, you'll be able to easily sync your bank accounts, receive quarterly distributions, and stay up to date with timely market and performance updates. Whether you're a brand new E-1 or a seasoned O-6, taking charge of your financial future has never been easier.

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