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Founded in 2022, ADPI Capital™ is a community-driven investment firm dedicated to providing service members, veterans, and their families easy access to real estate investment opportunities. By removing barriers to wealth and disrupting the traditional investment process, we help the military community own more of the land they swore to protect and defend.

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With a combined 40+ years of commercial real estate experience, you can trust that the ADPI Capital™ team has what it takes to raise, deploy, and manage cash flowing real estate assets nationwide

Adam La Barr

Managing Member

Adam was an Air Force brat traveling around the country before joining the Air Force and traveling the world. Adam currently co-leads Active Duty Passive Income’s Military Multifamily Academy and Mastermind where he utilizes his passion for property research and underwriting to help guide and coach new investors.

Kevin Brenner

Managing Member

As Host of the Active Duty Passive Income Podcast, Kevin has dedicated himself to helping other service members and veterans achieve success in real estate. Kevin's knack for coaching others has enabled him to mentor thousands of military real estate investors looking to build wealth through real estate investing.

Markian Sich

Managing Member

CEO and Founder of Active Duty Passive Income, Markian Sich separated from the US Marine Corps in 2021. Markian, a third-generation Ukrainian immigrant, learned about the power of opportunity from his family. Shortly after graduating the United States Naval Academy, Markian began his investing career. His successes inspired him to teach others about real estate investing.

Tim Kelly

Advisory Board Member

Tim is a Real Estate Investor & Educator, a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and recently separated from the US Navy as a Chief Petty Officer after 15 years of service. As VP of Education of Active Duty Passive Income, Tim is helps military and veterans realize their financial freedom goals through real estate investing. 

Eric Upchurch

Advisory Board Member

Eric Upchurch is an Army Special Operations veteran and Co-Founder of Active Duty Passive Income. With a passion for educating the military community, Eric has dedicated himself to a myriad of investment strategies ranging from Self-Directed IRAs to multifamily apartment investing, and live-in flips, to mobile home parks and commercial self-storage facilities. 

Jill Campbell

Advisory Board Member

Jill's ability to solve problems, which, when combined with the frequent relocations of military life, has resulted in a chronic case of serial entrepreneurship. Having moved over 30 times throughout her life, Jill has developed a talent for quickly developing relationships and building a “tribe” – a skill that she has honed within the ADPI community.

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